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Janet Jackson: A Cultural Icon and Sex Symbol of our Times

Janet Damito Jo Jackson has sold over a 100 million records and is the youngest child of the world famous Jackson family. Janet Jackson was her debut album and then her second album was Dream Street.

When I think about Janet Jackson, the first thing that comes to my mind are those six-pack abs among all the other things that make her a regular on the world’s sexiest lists. It doesn’t hurt that she has been ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the wealthiest female artists. The baby sister of the Jackson family is very much her own brand and is a global superstar and has had a lot of influence on contemporary artists such as Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Ciara among several others.[1][2][3]

Essence Magazine’s Joan Morgan paid Jackson a big compliment by saying that “Britney, Ciara and and Beyoncé live in the house that Janet built.”[4] By the way, you should go and check out the Essence photo shoot of Janet along with some others.


Even with all of her sex appeal, I would say she is still an inspiration for many people including me because she has been through many trials and tribulations in her life like her battle with depression and her difficult childhood that she shared in common with Michael Jackson.

Some of the hit singles that she is known for are “All for You”, “That’s the Way Love Goes”, “Nasty” and “Together Again”. Next week, I’ll talk about Janet Jackson’s sexiest songs of all time.