No wardrobe malfunction in Super Bowl half-time show tomorrow

No wardrobe malfunction in Super Bowl half-time show tomorrow

It has been just over 8 years since that infamous wardrobe malfunction involving Janet Jackson in Super Bowl XXXVIII which turned into a very controversial moment and the most rewatched moment in the history of TiVoTiVo.[1] Nipplegate as it came to be known led to a rise in the regulation of broadcasting and the NFL announced that MTV that was involved in the production would never do another halftime show.

But tomorrow’s Super Bowl featuring Madonna will not have any of that. When asked if she was planning any naughty surprises, the pop superstar shot back that she was not going to do that and it seemed like she took some jabs at Janet Jackson too.

“You don’t have to show nipples to be interesting. And it necessarily doesn’t mean you’re cutting edge if you do, right?” – Madonna

So there you have it. We can expect a family-friendly and less controversial half-time show tomorrow. However, Madonna did not rebuff anything about her performance in Super Bowl XLVI not being sexy as she stated that she has not necessarily become more mainstream. The Material Girl will be looking to promote her new album MDNA at the Super Bowl half-time show which is what Jackson was trying to do back then with her new album Damita Jo.

I guess Madonna might have learned from Jackson’s experience as the publicity stunt did not work out well enough for Janet and her album did not sell as well as her previous ones primarily due to the negative reception of the wardrobe malfunction. It did cause a lot of outrage with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) getting 540,000 complaints from Americans.[2]