Janet Jackson looking HOT in a NutriSystem Ad

Janet Jackson looking HOT in a NutriSystem Ad

Lookin’ good Janet!

Janet Jackson has done it all and everyone is very much aware of her hot dance moves and chart-topping songs. Fans are also familiar with her very extreme fluctuations in body image from having those rock-hard abs that everyone loves to being much curvier and fuller.

The reason for this weight gain was Janet snacking a lot to comfort her when she was at the top of her music career. It is interesting to note that the singer is 5 feet 4 inches in height and at her heaviest she actually weighed 180 pounds.

First Look At Janet Jackson's NEW TV Spot!

Now, there is a NutriSystem Ad with Janet Jackson in it that shows off the pop sensation’s new svelte looking body. The singer is well-known for her yo-yo dieting, but with the NutriSystem, she has now gotten a handle on her emotional eating and is on her way to a healthy body and way of life.

The positive thing about NutriSystem is that it contains a well-balanced diet and at the same time you can eat the food that you love like milkshakes, chicken ribs and other delicacies.

You know what a big fan I am of Janet Jackson and as much as I like curvy women, I have to say that Janet looks fabulous in the TV commercials that show off her weight-loss success. She even looks much more content than usual and it seems like she is enjoying herself in the NutriSystem Ad.

I am happy to see Janet looking great and in her words, on her way to success!