Jackson family feud

Jackson family feud

Janet Jackson says it is a 'negative media campaign.'

The Jackson siblings have started speaking out. Janet has been pretty vocal about it. I, for one, believe Janet Jackson when she says that she stands to gain nothing financially, even if Michael Jackson’s will was true.

Janet Jackson, along with Randy Jackson and Rebbie Jackson, have asserted that this negative media campaign is being used by the men who have the authority over Michael Jackson’s estate. The legitimacy of the will that the executioners have produced has been questioned. The siblings claim they have evidence that Michael Jackson was not in Los Angeles on the day the will was supposed to have been signed by him in LA.

The Jackson siblings feel this negative media campaign has been used to divide the family and has isolated the matriarch Katherine Jackson from them. Moreover, Michael Jackson wanted the will to be in the best interest of his children and this is not how the will is right now. The three siblings have actually been prohibited from visiting their mother Katherine who is with Jackson’s children in her Calabasas home. Only Katherine Jackson and Tito Joe “T.J.” Jackson can decide about who will be allowed at this home.

The negative media campaign that the three Jackson siblings point to is reports of Katherine Jackson’s kidnapping and a child being physically and verbally abused. The family seems to be as dysfunctional as ever, as well. But I guess we probably will never know whether that will was a legitimate one or not. It’s really hard to tell.