Jackson family feud

Janet Jackson says it is a 'negative media campaign.'

The Jackson siblings have started speaking out. Janet has been pretty vocal about it. I, for one, believe Janet Jackson when she says that she stands to gain nothing financially, even if Michael Jackson’s will was true.

Janet Jackson, along with Randy Jackson and Rebbie Jackson, have asserted that this negative media campaign is being used by the men who have the authority over Michael Jackson’s estate. The legitimacy of the will that the executioners have produced has been questioned. The siblings claim they have evidence that Michael Jackson was not in Los Angeles on the day the will was supposed to have been signed by him in LA.

The Jackson siblings feel this negative media campaign has been used to divide the family and has isolated the matriarch Katherine Jackson from them. Moreover, Michael Jackson wanted the will to be in the best interest of his children and this is not how the will is right now. The three siblings have actually been prohibited from visiting their mother Katherine who is with Jackson’s children in her Calabasas home. Only Katherine Jackson and Tito Joe “T.J.” Jackson can decide about who will be allowed at this home.

The negative media campaign that the three Jackson siblings point to is reports of Katherine Jackson’s kidnapping and a child being physically and verbally abused. The family seems to be as dysfunctional as ever, as well. But I guess we probably will never know whether that will was a legitimate one or not. It’s really hard to tell.

Janet Jackson looking HOT in a NutriSystem Ad

Lookin’ good Janet!

Janet Jackson has done it all and everyone is very much aware of her hot dance moves and chart-topping songs. Fans are also familiar with her very extreme fluctuations in body image from having those rock-hard abs that everyone loves to being much curvier and fuller.

The reason for this weight gain was Janet snacking a lot to comfort her when she was at the top of her music career. It is interesting to note that the singer is 5 feet 4 inches in height and at her heaviest she actually weighed 180 pounds.

First Look At Janet Jackson's NEW TV Spot!

Now, there is a NutriSystem Ad with Janet Jackson in it that shows off the pop sensation’s new svelte looking body. The singer is well-known for her yo-yo dieting, but with the NutriSystem, she has now gotten a handle on her emotional eating and is on her way to a healthy body and way of life.

The positive thing about NutriSystem is that it contains a well-balanced diet and at the same time you can eat the food that you love like milkshakes, chicken ribs and other delicacies.

You know what a big fan I am of Janet Jackson and as much as I like curvy women, I have to say that Janet looks fabulous in the TV commercials that show off her weight-loss success. She even looks much more content than usual and it seems like she is enjoying herself in the NutriSystem Ad.

I am happy to see Janet looking great and in her words, on her way to success!

Janet Jackson unable to fit X Factor into schedule

"Ms. Jackson stated that she was very flattered with the offer, but her schedule does not allow her to be a part of Simon Cowell’s show. "

I talked about how Britney Spears was being lured to be a judge on the X Factor that needs a big name in order to compete. Negotiations are still going on with the Spears camp as Janet Jackson who was approached along with other big names has said no.

Ms. Jackson stated that she was very flattered with the offer, but her schedule does not allow her to be a part of Simon Cowell’s show. Jackson will hit the road once again this summer performing her concert tour “Number Ones: Up Close and Personal tour”. Additionally, the pop superstar has commitments with Lionsgate that produced the 2010 film ‘For Colored Girls’ by Tyler Perry that she had a feature role in. The film also won big at the NAACP image awards held on March 4 last year.

It would have definitely been awesome to see Janet Jackson on TV where she has had plenty of experience by starring in “Fame”, “Good Times” and “Diff’rent Strokes” as a teenager. However, it is not going to happen as Janet feels that it would be unrealistic.

Jackson’s camp stated that no meetings have occurred between the pop superstar and any X Factor officials. But there were some talks in mid-February about the possibility of Janet joining X Factor according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Jackson also denied any reports of her being a judge on X Factor when she appeared on ‘Anderson’, a new show by CNNs Anderson Cooper when he continued to press her about it. 

No wardrobe malfunction in Super Bowl half-time show tomorrow

It has been just over 8 years since that infamous wardrobe malfunction involving Janet Jackson in Super Bowl XXXVIII which turned into a very controversial moment and the most rewatched moment in the history of TiVoTiVo.[1] Nipplegate as it came to be known led to a rise in the regulation of broadcasting and the NFL announced that MTV that was involved in the production would never do another halftime show.

But tomorrow’s Super Bowl featuring Madonna will not have any of that. When asked if she was planning any naughty surprises, the pop superstar shot back that she was not going to do that and it seemed like she took some jabs at Janet Jackson too.

“You don’t have to show nipples to be interesting. And it necessarily doesn’t mean you’re cutting edge if you do, right?” – Madonna

So there you have it. We can expect a family-friendly and less controversial half-time show tomorrow. However, Madonna did not rebuff anything about her performance in Super Bowl XLVI not being sexy as she stated that she has not necessarily become more mainstream. The Material Girl will be looking to promote her new album MDNA at the Super Bowl half-time show which is what Jackson was trying to do back then with her new album Damita Jo.

I guess Madonna might have learned from Jackson’s experience as the publicity stunt did not work out well enough for Janet and her album did not sell as well as her previous ones primarily due to the negative reception of the wardrobe malfunction. It did cause a lot of outrage with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) getting 540,000 complaints from Americans.[2]

Janet Jackson’s sexiest songs of all time.

I was actually hoping to write this up over the weekend as I felt it would be more relaxing to do so, but I am in the mood to talk about Janet right now.

Beenie Man – Feel it Boy

Alright, so you might think that I have started with a song that only has Janet Jackson featured in it. That is true, but it does have her in a bikini throughout the video lying on the beach. That’s all a man needs!


I get Lonely

This is actually from her Velvet Rope album back in 97’. It had great chart success debuting at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching the #1 spot in its second week on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, but what we need to know about in this blog is the part towards the end where she rips her shirt off.

So Excited

If you watch the music video to this song, you’ll get what I am talking about!


All Nite (Don’t Stop)

I guess time flies when your having fun as I am having now writing this up. I definitely enjoyed this song and I am pretty sure you would too!


Someone to call my lover

I guess you might think I just have a thing for those abs, but here is a song that really doesn’t show that famous part of her body but she is still pretty hot.


I see that my last post was pretty popular as I have already gotten two comments. Come on, leave a comment, let me know what you think about this post and what I should talk about next time. Whether it is the “Super Bowl halftime show” or the hot concerts that she has performed in.

Janet Jackson: A Cultural Icon and Sex Symbol of our Times

Janet Damito Jo Jackson has sold over a 100 million records and is the youngest child of the world famous Jackson family. Janet Jackson was her debut album and then her second album was Dream Street.

When I think about Janet Jackson, the first thing that comes to my mind are those six-pack abs among all the other things that make her a regular on the world’s sexiest lists. It doesn’t hurt that she has been ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the wealthiest female artists. The baby sister of the Jackson family is very much her own brand and is a global superstar and has had a lot of influence on contemporary artists such as Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Ciara among several others.[1][2][3]

Essence Magazine’s Joan Morgan paid Jackson a big compliment by saying that “Britney, Ciara and and Beyoncé live in the house that Janet built.”[4] By the way, you should go and check out the Essence photo shoot of Janet along with some others.


Even with all of her sex appeal, I would say she is still an inspiration for many people including me because she has been through many trials and tribulations in her life like her battle with depression and her difficult childhood that she shared in common with Michael Jackson.

Some of the hit singles that she is known for are “All for You”, “That’s the Way Love Goes”, “Nasty” and “Together Again”. Next week, I’ll talk about Janet Jackson’s sexiest songs of all time.